Leadership Change at Quantios as Rolf Heemskerk Transitions to a New Role


Quantios a leading Trust and Corporate Services technology company, announces today that Rolf Heemskerk, founder of Viewpoint, will move from his position as Chief Information Officer to take up a consulting role.

This move marks a new phase for both Rolf and the company, following nearly three decades of leadership that saw Viewpoint evolve from a startup to a leader in Entity Management and Governance technology and through a successful strategic merger with TrustQuay, supported by Hg and EQT-BPEA.

Chairman Heath Davies thanked Heemskerk for his significant contributions:

"On behalf of the board, our leadership team, and all employees, I'd like to express our sincere thanks to Rolf for his significant contributions over the past 30 years. Rolf's leadership and dedication have been key to our growth, including the recent successful merger with TrustQuay. As Rolf moves into a new phase, we extend our support and best wishes."

Rolf expressed his gratitude for the journey with Quantios and all its stakeholders, emphasising his continued commitment to the company's future.

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