Going the Extra Mile: A Journey of Giving Back and Making a Difference

Throughout the year the Quantios team took part in numerous fundraising activities raising money for our chosen 2023 charities.

55 Miles in 55 Days: This year our major challenge was the 55 miles in 55 miles to raise funds and awareness for Dementia Jersey. Over 55 days, our team covered an astounding 7,600 miles, nearly double their initial goal alongside raising over £2000 for the cause.

The Island Walk: Additionally, we entered a team to take part in a test of endurance and determination In June, the team participated in the Island Walk, a gruelling 48-mile challenge that tested their physical and mental strength. Undeterred by the daunting distance, they pushed through the pain and exhaustion, completing the walk in an impressive 18 hours and 44 minutes. Their unwavering determination paid off.

The North Downs Ultra Challenge: Running and Walking for a Cause Continuing their mission to make a difference, three colleagues took part in the North Downs Ultra Challenge in July. This event offered participants the choice of a 50km run or a 35km walk, both of which required immense stamina and resilience. By conquering this challenge, they not only pushed their physical limits but also raised an impressive £1700 for Alzheimer's Society and Momentum Children's charity. 

Volunteering: Throughout the year the team made use of their allocated volunteering days, engaging in a variety of activities, they immersed themselves in the local community and made a positive difference in the lives of others. From supporting the local Lego challenge to volunteering at the local food bank, their commitment to helping others was unwavering. They even donned the role of Christmas elves at Momentum's charity grotto, spreading joy and cheer during the festive season. 

A Year of Giving: The team's dedication to charitable causes extended beyond their physical challenges and volunteering efforts. Throughout the year, they raised over £5700 for various charities, bringing their total contributions to an impressive £37,000 since the inception of their charity committee. Their unwavering commitment to making a difference is truly commendable.