Why Conduct selected Quantios Core


Conduct is a boutique wealth planning and trust company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Their cohesive team of ten professionals have a longstanding collaboration and specialise in creating well-structured ecosystems for wealth and succession planning.

Conduct caters to a diverse clientele, including individuals, families and public entities, offering a comprehensive suite of services such as wealth planning, fiduciary management, private office solutions, and strategic consulting.

Employing a distinctive approach, the team aims to simplify intricate wealth planning topics through their own models. These include The Conduct Formula, which helps wealth owners create a plan that matches their purpose, and Picturesque Aphorisms, which make the challenges wealth owners face accessible and easy to understand.

The problem Conduct was facing

In setting up Conduct as a small independent business carved out of a larger group, the team wanted a best-in-class software platform and avoid having disparate systems for client and practice management, and to minimise the inherent risks associated with relying on spreadsheets.

Team members had used Quantios 5 Series NavOne at previous firms, and wanted a new system that would deliver efficiency gains and give them the ability to centralise functions.

The team's skills, focus and expertise was on delivering a first-class service to clients, rather than implementing and managing on-premise software, and needed a solution suitable for a smaller business which was easy to implement and to use on a day-to-day basis.

The team already had in place a good culture of data governance and wanted a software system that would provide a ‘single source of truth’ that could be extracted quickly for both clients and the regulator, and be fully auditable.

Moving forward, the team wanted the capability to automate processes and workflows and therefore reduce time-consuming tasks from team members.

Why Conduct chose Quantios Core 

Adopting Quantios Core has allowed Conduct to centralise its data on a software platform for entity management, practice management, and time recording and billing.

For a small business, this SaaS solution offers significantly more value for money than on-premise software and does not require dedicated IT infrastructure or personnel to manage it, allowing the Conduct team to focus on their clients and growing the business.

By leveraging the cloud, cybersecurity is increased and the team can access the system 24/7 if out of the office or working from home.

“Quantios Core is an ideal solution for firms seeking efficiency and rapid deployment without the need to develop their own IT resources. It has enabled us to become operational much faster and at less cost than with on-premise software.

 It's straightforward to use, the team like it, and the support we have received from Quantios in implementing it has been fantastic.

Quantios Core delivers by bringing all our information together in one place, by making the team more efficient in the way we work, and by enabling us to spend our time on servicing clients. It's a very significant gain for our team, for our clients and for our regulatory reporting under the Swiss regime.”

Alain Tran, Co-founder, Conduct


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