Easing the burden for company secretaries

Data quality issues can have a significant impact on the work of those who manage company secretarial activities. Poor data quality can lead to a range of problems that can affect your ability to fulfil your duties effectively.

You don't have to keep suffering in silence!  Let's take a look at the top challenges you face daily, and how a software solution can help to ease the burden.

Challenges Features offered by our cloud based software
Entity Management 
  • View and explore ownerships from every angle. 
  • Asset register to manage the non-accounting aspects of assets under management.
  • Correct configuration for each entity you are working on.
Inaccurate Shareholder Information
  • Data validation tools which can verify and correct shareholder data.
  • Automated data imports which reduce manual errors.
  • Alerts for missing or incorrect data allowing you to make corrections. 
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Built-in compliance checklists and deadline reminders.
  • Automated generation and submission of required documents.
  • Integration with government portals for seamless filing.
Record-Keeping Challenges
  • Offers the right documentation dependant on jurisdiction
  • Digital document management and indexing for easy retrieval.
  • Automated categorisation and organisation of corporate documents.
  • Version control to track document changes.
Data Security and Privacy
  • Access controls and encryption to protect sensitive data.
  • Regular data security audits and monitoring.
  • Secure cloud storage for backup and recovery.
Transparency and Communication
  • Centralised data for easy access and sharing.
  • Management of entities through dashboards and workflow management. 
  • Secure sharing options for stakeholders and authorities.
  • Data analytics and reporting for transparency.
Data Quality Assurance
  • Data validation checks and rules for accuracy and completeness.
  • Alerts for data inconsistencies or errors.
  • Data cleansing and deduplication tools.
Regulatory Changes
  • Easy management of filing requirements including AEOI and Economic Substance. 
  • Update and adapt software to accommodate changing regulations.
  • Automated notifications of regulatory updates.
  • Compliance templates and checklists.
 Data Retention and Disposal
  • Automated reminders for data retention and disposal schedules.
  • Tracking of data retention policy adherence.
  • Secure data deletion processes.
Risk Management Challenges
  • Integration with risk assessment tools.
  • Alerts for potential compliance risks.
  • Audit trails to identify areas of concern.
Meeting Deadlines
  • Automated deadline alerts and reminders.
  • Calendar integration for key compliance dates.
  • Workflow automation for compliance processes.
Board Meeting Preparation
  • Document assembly and preparation templates.
  • Collaboration and sharing features for board materials.
  • Integration with scheduling tools for meeting planning.
Document Retrieval
  • Advanced search and retrieval capabilities.
  • Metadata tagging for easy document identification.
  • Document version history for tracking changes.


Administration software provides you with a significant advantage, allowing you the time  to focus on your core competencies and the time to provide exceptional service.

If you'd like to talk about your specific challenges why not book an introductory call with one of the team.